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Ela Moshi

Plot No. 35/36,Pradhikaran Akurdi,Pune -411044

Welcome to Moshi, the future of Pune! breathe in oxygen; breathe out happiness!

Welcome to Moshi, the future of Pune! Cities become saturated after a time… but new fringe areas keep evolving. But have you ever spared a thought to wonder how Pune would be 20 years later? If we spend 2 hours commuting in traffic everyday would your children spend five fold? Not to mention the increasing pollution and diminishing green areas and hilltops? Is this the future you have envisioned for our children?

Yet, it is not surprising even today as the Moshi-Chakan belt is witnessing growth impetus like never before. Already recognized as India’s Largest Auto and Engineering Hub, the growth plans for the area include Urban Efficient and Modern Infrastructure, Several Premium Educational Institutions, an nternational Airport and International Convention Center and more….. all growing at a burgeoning pace. So welcome to a Green, Efficient and Planned Future as you go forward in time, to wher

Experience Naturalness Moshi district is blessed with immense greenery and Ela is idyllically located close to river Indrayani. Many residential complexes promise to give an edge by offering landscaped surroundings. But little does one realize that these so called “natural” elements are not all that natural and timeless. Ela means earth or a leaf, symbolizing happiness, purity, peace and healing. The leaf is a breathing organ of a tree taking in atmospheric impurities to emit pure air, vita